Jeff O'Connor
Jeff O’Connor, a.k.a. “Mr. Bassman”, began singing while working with the New York City Police Department along with a few other Officers. The group’s name was Harmony. For many years, The Harmonies sang all over the Tri-State areas at various venues, entertaining people with Jeff’s unmistakable talent as the group’s deep Bass. Jeff, now retired from the NYPD, found a new home with The Expressions. “This is like being with family…” Jeff says about his experience and friendship with his fellow Expressions.

Always ready to assist, Jeff is often involved in volunteer efforts, using his singing talents for charitable causes. “We are always ready to help” says Jeff. Formally of Brooklyn, NY, Jeff is now a Staten Island resident. Jeff attended
New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn. His interests include classic cars and singing A cappella.

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